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Restoration or Repair?

You either have or want a truly high quality stereo. Maybe you had one when you were younger, and you traded it in on something that turned out to be not quite so good, or you put it in the closet when it stopped working quite right. Or maybe your parents had one that you loved as a child, you always wanted your own, and you just found one at a garage sale, or on eBay.

Do you remember what it sounded like when it was new? Or did you never have the opportunity to hear it until ten years of dust and use had blunted its sound?

A few years ago, we had a customer—with a less than premium amplifier—who was dissatisfied at being told that it would not be cost-effective to repair his machine. He then sent his machine to some unknown stereo repair place in Tennessee. They fixed it for him for something like $40, by replacing a fuse inside one of the transformers.

Now, fuses blow for a reason. Occasionally, the reason is external—power surge or the like—but with electronics it's seldom that simple. Very often fuses reblow, and sometimes not immediately, depending on the unit and what specific conditions caused the original failure.

More to the point, however, for $40 they cannot have spent much time working on that machine. They certainly did nothing other than the minimal diagnostic required to isolate that fuse and to replace it.

So, that service center in Tennessee did repair the amplifier. But no other issue with the machine was addressed, not even a simple cleaning of switches and controls—to remove the corrosion that causes the snaps and pops often found in an older stereo. Therefore, the value of what they did may in the long run not really be worth the time and expense of packing and shipping the unit to them.

We are asking that a large number of people pack things up and ship them to us. So, what's the difference? Do you want your machine to work again, or do you want it to sound like it did when it was new?

Personally, we only feel right about making them sound like they're meant to. And it's on that basis that we ask you to send your machine to us, and believe that it's truly worthwhile.

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