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Buying a restored turntable

Having decided to play your vinyl or record it to cd, the obvious next step is to buy a turntable. Of course you could make a Flintstone turntable, with the stone platter and bird beak stylus... Perhaps not. So you went to the "AUDIO-VIDEO SUPER WHIZZBANG STORE" to find a new one and quickly found that they only had turntables so awful they all but make the needles out of plastic. The high-end store only had expensive ones, and the one that Aunt Maude insisted on giving to you, well, it didn't work, at all... Then you bought one on line, but you don't even want to talk about how that came out.

Circle Stereo is the obvious solution. We, like the Blues Brothers, are on a mission from God. Our mission is to provide a range of reasonable and cost-effective turntables so people will have some other option than the poor ones already mentioned. You can expect our turntables to be better a better option. Here's why:

  1. Selectivity
  2. Having serviced turntables for over 30 years, we know which ones will restore well, and which ones should be thrown away. We reject the bad ones outright.

  3. Restoration
  4. Every turntable is thoroughly restored before it is ready for sale. All are cleaned and adjusted, and if they need a stylus or a belt or cables, they get it. At the end of this process, they are tested and all functions must perform to spec. This means that you get a unit that does what it is supposed to do. Restoration assures performance and reliability.

  5. Warranty
  6. We stand behind what we sell with the Circle Stereo standard 90 day warranty. You can find it spelled out on this web site. When you buy a turntable from us, you know what you are getting right up front.

Besides all of the above, we are very nice people and have lots of dogs and cats. Nothing could be more persuasive than that.

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