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Information Services

Information makes it possible to enjoy the things we love. For a long time we have been providing services to allow beautiful older pieces to sound the way they are meant to sound. We test them before they go home, and we conclude that—to us—they sound right. However, once you have your machine back, you need to know how to hook it up properly, what kind of cabling to use to get the best sound, what other equipment to use with it so that it will sound to you like it does to us.

Or perhaps you need to know what equipment to buy and how to judge what variety of pieces will sound best together. Or you need to know how much it is likely to cost to restore a system you're considering buying—before you decide whether to buy it. You're interested in vintage stereo; there is something you need to know that we can help you with.

Everyone needs to know a great deal of information in order to accomplish anything. Below is our short, but growing list of information services.

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