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McIntosh Mac-1700 Receiver

This is a receiver of the early '70's which has the distinction of being a hybrid. The tuner is tube while the preamp and power amp are solid state. It is not large, weighing in at 45 watts rms/channel but will power relatively efficient speakers very well. These will require all of the usual cleanups of controls, tube sockets, tuning capacitor, and switches. The tuner will often require tubes and alignment. They have rather large capacitors for positive and negative power supply and these often go bad, causing hum or distortion in both channels. There are other supply caps which are prone to failure. MAC1700's have been known to occasionally pop their supply fuses, (located in the fuse block underneath) and they will sometimes damage speakers due to an intermittent dc offset problem (dc appears at the speaker terminals). This is caused by the differential amp transistors on the small driver boards underneath. These must be replaced on every machine, regardless of what other repairs are needed. After all this is done, do the cosmetic to make it beautiful and enjoy.

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