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The Circle Stereo Limited Warranty

We stand behind the quality of what we sell. Our aim is that equipment purchased from us will perform according to the manufacturer's specifications, that it will sound good and be consistent in all aspects of performance. If a unit fails, within 90 days of the purchase date, to perform in this fashion, we will correct this at no charge to the purchaser. If a unit, for some reason, cannot be restored to its original performance, we will seek to replace it with an equivalent, or to fairly restore the buyer to a satisfactory and mutually agreeable situation.

If you think that you have an in warranty failure which requires action, refer to our section "How to Obtain Warranty Service."


We are not responsible for failures or collateral damage when attempts are made to use the unit in ways not intended by the manufacturer. Hookups must be done correctly, and units must be ventilated when required. If you are unsure about the proper way to use or set up the equipment, you should contact us before proceeding.

We are not responsible for shipping damage, overt or latent. When the equipment arrives, be sure to carefully inspect the unit and packaging for evidence of rough handling. Install and test the equipment without delay so that any shipping damage may be claimed with the shipper. Shipping damage leaves behind evidence, impact points, internal cracks, etc. We are able to determine conclusively whether shipping damage is involved.

Do not disassemble the unit or attempt in any way to correct any problems yourself, nor allow anyone else to do so. If a unit, sold by us, has been externally compromised, the warranty is voided.

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Legal Notices