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Our Principles

  1. If it's worth doing, it's worth doing well

    Our reputation is built on the quality of the work we do. The work we do is extremely reliable, and only partly because of our years of experience. Quality service requires the knowledge and capability of doing the job well, and the commitment to attend to detail sufficiently to get the job right. Our work stands out because we believe in doing it right. We believe in making sure everything is taken care of, that the unit is reliable and pretty when it returns to you. This is why we run every completed piece for two days before sending it back, and why we offer our warranty. Doing the job quickly or doing it cheaply amounts to nothing if it doesn't work.

  2. Build Quality makes a difference to Sound Quality

    The machines that sound the best are the machines that were built to last. They have big transformers. They have thick boards with wide traces if they are solid state. They have good quality controls, switches, and other internal parts. They "feel" substantial. Because they were built to last, they have. But it wasn't merely to make them last that they were so solidly built. It was because they sounded better, had better specs and better performance, and were therefore more competitive.

  3. Reuse is better than recycling

    We live in a world of mass-produced consumer products that are engineered to have a limited lifespan. And during this limited life span, they do not perform all that well. Imagine a stereo with the build quality of a hair dryer. We aim to make it possible for these older stereos to have the longest possible lifespan. This way, not only can people can continue to enjoy something that genuinely sounds better much farther into the future, we can make a small dent in the trend of buy-it-then-throw-it-away-when-it-breaks.

  4. You can understand the story if you hear it straight.

    When a unit is evaluated, you get as clear a picture as possible of your options. We try to avoid technical mumbo jumbo and help you to zero in on your best option. Some service jobs are obviously very worth pursuing, others are clearly not good to pursue. Some however are in between. It is possible to boil the facts down to options that are clearcut to non-technical people. We respect your good sense and ability to make your own decisions when the options are presented clearly.

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