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I started Circle Stereo because of my love for music. After almost thirty years on the job, I still love music and I still get excited about the musical possibilities when equipment is well built, well matched, and well serviced. Large or small, a quality system creates much pleasure. I know that your satisfaction with Circle Stereo depends upon the resulting performance and reliability of your components. Whether you buy one of ours, or we service one of yours, you will put us to the test every time you turn it on. I also know that some of you are uneasy when dealing with unfamiliar machines and set-ups. My objective is to exceed your expectations as to how it sounds, and as to how sensitive we are to your needs. You have the right to demand the highest quality of service, and we mean to provide it.

I founded Circle Stereo in Austin in 1971. We have performed repair services since that time. For years, we provided warranty service for major manufacturers. Our experience with many of these machines goes back to when they were made. We have been members of our local Better Business Bureau for most of our history, and are proud of our reputation in our local market. I hope to bring the same level of quality and commitment to you, our net-customers.

Happy listening!!!

William Green
Owner and Founder, Circle Stereo

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